Why You Should Be Single And Fuck Around

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The time you spent will really get to know you. And now you have a good grip on who you are as a person. You can do things alone – Want to see a movie? Great! You can only go. Do you want to have dinner and work? Awesome! You can go with a cup of coffee and a stand for yourself. Is it Saturday and you have no plans and nobody’s around? Great! The museum is fun to go alone. And sure you love your friends, but if they cannot hang out? You’re okay. As a single, you learned that skill. It’s handy to have.. It makes you decisive and makes you feel comfortable and you do not like it without someone else being confused in your brain space. This is why you should be single and look for an Instafuck. 

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Here are the top 5 reasons why being single is much better

1. Someone has power over you

Your partner has the opportunity to make you sublime happy and they can also feel you are very depressed. You lose a little control over your moods. When you enter a relationship, it’s like signing a contract that says, “I give you 70% of my feelings. I acknowledge that you can play with them, feel good, and I also acknowledge that you can destroy them. “

2. You worry you can lose yourself in the relationship

You could just become a +1 and just have no other identity than “I’m somebody’s boyfriend.” It’s on your tombstone: “Sarah Taylor (Tom Smith’s girlfriend, who with the blonde hair)” and that will be that. Because you are so afraid to do that, you need to name certain nights as “girls night” or “boys night” and you will always make sure your friends are angry with you and feel abandoned. You will feel sad to even do this so that you cannot see them alone without labeling as: “This is the time I see my friends.” Perhaps you may not. It all depends on the person and the relationship.

3. Battles that never seem to go or be solved

One minute you laugh together and the next one threatens to break you. Once these battles are recurring, you know that the relationship lives on borrowed time. This is why I say…Fuck Relationships

4. You must keep their friends even when they are terrible

Their best friend could even hate you and you could just hate them, but you have to hang up and hang together. You realize that you can be linked to this best friend forever. If you marry your significant other, this person will show you your fiftieth birthday party with a smirk on their face. And you just think of yourself: “I did not even know you, let alone 2o years.”

5. Fear that the sex will become routine and mechanical

There was a time when you could not keep your hands apart. Their body was brand new and you could not wait to discover every corner. Now it has become a treasure map with checkered edges and dirty marks. You’ve seen it all. You have everything you can do and now it’s just old and famous.

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