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Hi everyone, my name is Jim Wade, from San Diego, California. I graduated from Arizona State University (Go Devils!) in December of 2009 with a degree in English. I have spent most of my life perfecting and learning how to be a better writer in order to bring great content to the world. I consider myself an entrepreneur, innovator, and student of the world. My passion is helping people improve and grow as individuals to help them enjoy what really matters in life.


Why I started Instafuckfriend

During my time in college, I had a lot of problems in the dating world, and while I was not an ugly guy, I always struggled to meet and build up the courage to talk to beautiful women. The consistent failures and struggles in the dating world were the inspiration to create Instafuckfriend, a place where you can find the best adult dating sites and local fuck buddy in the world. My site has everything – from website reviews, dating advice, and best websites to find a local lay. As a man, I realize that sometimes we just want sex, and we should have the right to have it when we need it. This is why Instafuckfriend is such as a valuable resource for people like me. My site has helped hundreds of people gain confidence and find a compatible adult dating partner.

Some people think that you have to be handsome or have a lot of money to find have sex with women, but other the years I've learned that this could not be further from the truth. You can use simple tactics and change small things in your life to help you become the best player in your community.  If you are interested in using dating tips and techniques I have personally tested follow my blog. With my teachings, you will be on your way to better sex life. My website review recommendation I can promise you that you will be on your way to meeting local girls.

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