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SnapFuck: Like Snapchat But Better

As of late, you may have noticed Snapchat usage has been on the decline. Teens first flocked to the app as it boosted disappearing images and messages. Snapchats anonymity quickly made it soar to one of the most downloaded apps. Snapchat users quickly moved the platform from innocent fun to a new purpose, vanishing sexting & casual meetups.   As Snapchat’s popularity is beginning to dwindle a new up and comer, SnapFuck may be just the app to upstage it. 

SnapFuck has taken all the best parts of Snapchat and reimagined them. Now you can meet like-minded people that are using the platform for a shared purpose, to send nudes and meet up for casual encounters. 

What is SnapFuck?

SnapFuck has taken the guesswork out of sexting or wondering if someone is DTF or not. On Snapchat you may not have been sure if you should send that sexy photo or if this person might actually be interested in meeting up. With SnapFuck everyone is there for the same reason 

SnapFuck allows users to sext, send images, meet up virtually, or even meet up in person. Users can relax knowing they are in an environment of like-minded people. 

Signing up:

SnapFuck lets you sign up quickly and safely. Registration is quick and offers a variety of options. In order to use the website, you will need a subscription. Subscriptions are based on length so the longer you subscribe for the cheaper it will be. 


With an almost even 50/50 split of men and women, SnapFuck is a great site for anyone. The woman on the site over overwhelmingly attractive and very diverse so there is something for everyone. 


Chatting is a feature similar to what you would have experienced in Snapchat. SnapFuck allows messages and photos to be sent back and forth between users and disappear over time. 

While SnapChat used to discourage the sending of nude images, SnapFuck encourages it. Users can send photos revealing all of themselves or strip parts away with creative uses of emojis. 


SnapChat’s user experience is not what it used to be. SnapFuck is helping bring virtual meetups, sexting, photo sharing and more into the 21st century. This site offers unique features that are exciting for both users. 

Priced at an average point this site is on par with others in the space. The ratio of users makes it a good experience of meeting someone you hit it off with.