5 reasons you need fuck friend

A good fuck friend/fuck buddy is an essential role in your happiness, so go out there and find someone who will make you happy.


We all know that this is the main reason to sleep with a cousin friend. You know who they are and you see them every day. Perhaps your desk is confronted with them and you try to search them every time. Perhaps you will bluntly ignore each other’s eyes instead of the power point reading that you should have. Maybe one day after work, you find that you have the same metro line at home or with both hate traffic. These are the small things that make it easier. And you want that 2017 just a little easier than 2016? I know I do.

They could be the one

For all love pigeons people who still believe in soulmates, maybe your fuck friend is your true love. Who should I say they are not. But because the cynics and realists look like this, you might have more in common with this fuck-friend than just work. They could be a great person. What if you end up with this person in 2017? Get out on a limb and see if they are more than just the hot man/girl in the office. Take a number of risks in 2017 and get the rewards. 

Sex is great

Do I really need to explain this? Sex is great. Period. The end. I no longer need to waste more of 2017 of the miracles of sex.If all you need is an instafuck, you can find a quick hookup here.  

If they do not care, why would you?

At this time, you are both allowed, adults. If your cousin does not make sure you fuck together, why should you have it? Just enjoy each other’s business and try to keep it out of work. If you really surround, you already know who you will not fuck in 2017.

You are an adult

Seriously you are an adult with your own mind and agency. If you want a fuck friend and someone and wants to sleep with you, you’re totally there! I can not make the decision for you, but that’s the beautiful thing. You can choose. We always have great new opportunities and it’s your choice to take the opportunity or wait for the next. But even as an adult, it may be nice to tell someone what to do. Take our strength and give us the simple answer – Should I sleep with my colleague? Yes or no?

Well, I’ve already told you what I did … Now go outside and do some action, or do not. You are mature and by 2017 you decide.

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