9 Sex Tips for Men: Number 6 Will Surprise You

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Sex Tips For Men
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First of all, if you’re reading this article, hats off to you. So, you want to improve your skills in the bedroom? It may seem like a daunting task, but take my word for it, all it takes is a few tweaks here and there (pardon the pun).

Believe it or not, while frequent sex is a goal for many, great sex is often sadly neglected. We’re here to tell you, mind-blowing sex should be a staple of every bedroom. Here are a few reasons why good sex is great:

  • It can improve your health 
  • It can help with insomnia 
  • It can boost your immune system 
  • It can make you live longer 

Need we say more? The benefits of awesome sex go on and on. Of course, once you find a sex partner on instafuckfriend, the first step you should take to improve your sex life is to hone your talents. Pleasing your partner should be a top priority for every man.  

Take a look at these tips to up your game in the sheets. 


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Here are the top sex tips for men (Use them!) 


1. Ask her what she likes

Alright, so you’ve probably heard this one before, but it bears repeating. Ask her what she likes! It’s honestly the simplest way to improve your naughty skill sets.  

The reason for this is that every woman is different. Some might like role-play while others like a little bondage action. Maybe she gets off on some standard, vanilla missionary. You won’t know unless you ask. 

On the flip side, you should tell her what gets you going as well. This will open the lines of communication and get the ball rolling.   

It may be hard to believe but the best time to talk about sex is outside of the bedroom. It doesn’t have to be a serious talk. Just some lighthearted discussion over dinner should do the trick. The best part is, it sets the mood for later.  


2. Start sexting

Making sure both partners are super turned on and in the mood can be a big challenge. Luckily, there’s a handy tool to fix that, and it’s right at your fingertips.  

That’s right, your phone can offer an easy fix to turn on your partner. A few sexy texts throughout the day will have your lady begging for some action by the end of the day.  

An additional benefit is that you’ll have a great idea of the kinds of things you both like in the bedroom. Sexting is virtual dirty talk, so feel free to tell her what you’d love to do to her. Of course, now is your chance to take notes on the kinds of activities she’s into. 

Lastly, don’t forget about those sexy pics. Great sexting isn’t complete without some tantalizing nudes, should time permit. By the time you see each other, she’ll be ready to rip your clothes off. 


3. Don’t underestimate the quickie

A lot of men are obsessed with the idea that good sex equals long sex. I’ve got news for you, that is not always the case. In fact, if a woman is turned on and ready to climax, she might appreciate sex that is short and sweet. 

Now, I’m not discounting the benefits of long sessions, but there is a special quality to quickies that shouldn’t be ignored. For one, having frequent quickies makes sure both of you guys are getting laid regularly. Secondly, it’s great if you’re super busy and need to get on with your day. 

Here are a few ways to improve the quickie: 

  • Do it in the morning while you’re still in bed. Afterward, you can shower and get ready for the day.  
  • Speaking of showers, it’s a great place for a quickie.  
  • Go straight for the favorite position. No use in beating around the bush.  
  • If the mood strikes you guys while you’re out and about, try a standing position.  
  • You don’t always have to undress. If you have the right outfit on, only take off what’s necessary to get the job done.


4. Use all the toys

I’m only going to say this one time: use sex toys! For some reason, men are often intimidated by sex toys and worry they can’t compete.  

This could not be further from the truth. Trust me, women will not only be impressed that you’re toy savvy, but it will also make the experience a million times better.  

This doesn’t mean you have to pull out the toys every time, but they’re a great addition to the bedroom.  And don’t forget, there are toys out there for men as well.  


5. Use lube

It’s a common misconception that women will always self-lubricate when they’re turned on. Yes, this is the case for some women, but oftentimes it’s not enough. For many women, lubrication is a big issue. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be, because lube exists.   

Lube can make sex way more enjoyable and pleasurable for your lady friend. And of course, if she’s enjoying herself, your experience will be better too.  

So how do you choose the right lube? There are several types of lube and they’re all great for different things.  

First off, we have oil-based lubes. These have a thick consistency and are very moisturizing. However, they are not compatible with condoms, so keep that in mind.

The second choice is water-based lube. This kind of lube can have a sticky texture but it’s the most similar to what a woman would naturally produce. They’re also compatible with sex toys.  

Lastly, we have silicone lubes. These are the slipperiest of all the options. These are great for shower sex since they’re water-resistant.  


6. Take the focus off of orgasm

Surprised? Sure, the goal is for everyone to get off, but when you put too much pressure on the goal, it’s harder to achieve. Strangely enough, when you put all of your focus on helping your girl reach orgasm, she might actually have a harder time.  

In order to really achieve great sex, stop thinking about orgasm as the sole purpose. There is a world of amazing sensations and feelings to enjoy throughout the whole experience. Honing in on this part of sex is a big part of what turns good sex into incredible sex.  

It’s also good to remember that many women have a hard time orgasming. If she feels pressured to achieve this, her mind won’t be in the game and worse, she might feel the need to fake it.  

So, take the pressure off, relax and enjoy the ride. This is a great excuse to get into roleplay or fetish play and really enjoy your time.  

Instead of focusing on the end-game, try being in the moment and explore what feels good. Not only will this take the pressure off both of you, but it also allows you to learn more about what works.  


7. Learn her favorite spots

Everybody is different and every woman has her favorite erogenous zones. Finding the sweet spots is going to be the key to your success. 

Most people think of the obvious when it comes to erogenous zones: breasts, butt, mouth, and nether regions. But you may not be aware of the less common erogenous zones such as: 

  • The inner wrist 
  • Back of the neck. 
  • The scalp 
  • Behind the knee 
  • The small of the back 
  • The stomach 

Getting to know her unique erogenous zones can really improve the overall experience. But it’s a little more complicated than just finding where the spots are. You need to know when to use them. 

She might like it when you nibble her ear during foreplay, or maybe it’s playing with her hair near climax. Whatever her unique quirk is, be sure to figure it out.  


8. Keep It Interesting

While there is a certain comfort in routine, more often than not it’s a mood killer. By routine, I mean the same boring sex every single time. There are tons of things you can do to avoid falling into a sexual rut.  

Here are some ways to keep it spicy in the bedroom: 

  • Try watching porn together 
  • Buy her some lingerie 
  • Try a new position 
  • Put on music to set the mood 
  • Talk dirty to each other 
  • Check out new kinks together 
  • Try sensual massage 

It’s easy to go for the same few positions every time, but trying new things the key to exciting sex. 


9. Try a new location

Okay, I’m not saying go out and do it in a public park, but maybe try getting frisky in the kitchen or the living room every now and then. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can even get down and dirty in the backyard– if you have a fence that is.  

If you find you have a taste for exhibition, there are plenty of ways to go about it without getting caught. If you’re in a hotel room on a high floor, try getting it on up against the window. Avoid the balcony though, as that can get dangerous.  

Having sex outside of the bedroom is super exciting is an excellent way to switch it up and have a fun experience.  


If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. You’re well on your way to becoming an expert in the bedroom. With these tips in your arsenal, you can take your skills from mediocre to mind-blowing in no time. 


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