Here is How You Avoid Falling In The Friend Zone

Jim Wade Author

Friend Zone Couple

Friend-zone is a situation where friendship exists between two people, but one person develops romantic feelings or sexual interest. Unfortunately, she sees you as a friend and is happy with the arrangement. But, how is she supposed to know you’re interested in her if you aren’t clear of your intentions? If you don’t act quickly, this could be catastrophic in the long-run. Don’t want to be in the friend zone? Check out these useful tips below to avoid being trapped in the dreaded friend zone.

Ask her out on a date

The looming fear of “what if” could be the obstacle of taking your relationship to the next level. Although it may be tempting to ask someone out on instagram, it’s better if you do it face to face.  Intentions can’t be known by texting back and forth. That way, you’ll hear the tone of her voice or see her facial expression. Be sure to have the conversation somewhere you feel comfortable. Your overall goal is to make the woman say yes. On the actual date, try not to be nervous. Make sure you sprinkle some accomplishments and see how she responds. Besides that, you should keep everything positive and speak in a genuine manner.


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Be upfront with your intentions

Perhaps this is the most difficult part for a man. They try to befriend a woman and lie about the intentions! The best thing to do is to speak the truth and be yourself. However, this does not mean that you act creepy or overly zealous. Just express yourself calmly, and let the cards fall in place. When you’re clear of your intentions you make your partner feel safer and confident. The truth is, you can’t complain about your friendship if you don’t make the first move. When you try, you’ll know what to expect from the relationship going forward. Remember, the relationship is imbalanced because you value it more than the other person. And in case of any rejection, don’t be embarrassed or think that you’re a bad person.

Be conscious of the vibe you’re exuding

While it’s okay to flirt with a girl, it pays huge dividends if you give off a vibe. According to modern science, a woman can sense whether a man is interested in her or not. Once you overcome the rejection phase, you get to know your true value. Instead of talking facts about daily life, try to create a conversation that will make her take the friendship to a higher level. And if you want to keep her on your toes, gift her something small but don’t get too comfortable too fast. It’s great to take the initiative and ask the woman out but acting desperate could a major turn off.

Spark some attraction and be honest

Regardless of what you may think, the decision of taking the relationship a notch higher lies in your hands. That being said, you have to make that sexual move if you’re still waiting for her to give you that gesture. It’s obvious you could be afraid to mess things up, especially if you have cultivated the relationship for a long time. Making this decision may not be easy but will free you from friend zone. When you’re honest from the beginning, you’ll clear the air and most importantly reduce the feeling of wasted time. Telling her exactly where your heart is the best thing you can do. Probably, you’re worried that you’ll be frustrated but it’s the best thing to do. It’s up to the woman to evaluate whether she’s interested or not. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few pointers on the art of seduction: Be the prize and not the pursuer by giving her the opportunity to reach for you. Throw a few flirtatious innuendos without being creepy and be on the lookout for a response.

 Don’t use shame, or guilt as tools

One of the reasons why you could end up in the friend zone is because you’re too afraid. If you’re into someone but you’re holding on to a myriad of reasons why you can’t be together, you’re at fault. In any case, that is not a compassionate approach—make it straightforward from the beginning. This could be a win-win situation, and of course better in the long-run. The biggest mistake most guys make is to wait it out. Just imagine how that romantic gesture will change the situation. It could be an added benefit if the timing is correct, so doesn’t force it. And don’t feel guilty if she does not like you back. Using shame and guilt is the recipe for friend zone. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should change who you are to impress someone.

Settle for what you deserve

The easiest way to graduate from a friend to a lover is state what you want from the beginning. Be honest about your feelings by taking a moment and evaluate whether they’re healthy or not. If the answer is in the affirmative, make sure you pay close attention to it. But if nothing positive clicks for you, accept and move on. We all deserve love, so never settle for someone who puts your life on pause. A general rule of thumb is to keep yourself busy and active by concentrating on things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. So, instead of being stuck in the friend zone, state your desires up front.

Make eye contact

One of the red flags of being in the friend zone is avoiding eye contact. It’s usually considered the most intimate way of communicating with another person without necessarily touching them. If you’re attracted to her you should focus your initial gaze higher. Similarly, a woman will naturally drift the eyes on the neck or chest region if she can’t make direct eye contact.

Put in the effort

If a woman sees you a great deal of the time, chances are that she’ll think more about you. Be careful as this can easily be confused with stalking. While your girlfriend may value your presence, there could be some attraction mismatch. To move from just friends to boyfriend or girlfriend, you need to put in a little effort. While it may seem intimidating, make yourself clear by stepping out of your shell. You can avoid the friend zone by picking the right partner and being bold enough to state your desires. With a bit of homework, all these situations can be changed. Remember, this is a long-term process, so don’t expect results overnight.