How To Flirt With A Girl Without Being Creepy

Jim Wade Author

Couple Flirting
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You might want to be a big flirt but how do you go about it without being a creep? Flirting with girls is generally known to be difficult, and so if you must go for the chaste, you must learn how to approach them without being creepy. It’s not always easy to directly approach a woman especially when you are a man who is not flirty.


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Understanding the mechanics of flirting

Flirting is a weapon that is useful for seducing a woman for sex. All you have to do is to control your fears without doubting your qualities. This sort of confidence is essential to please a woman quickly and to interest her to go further with dating you.

Flirting is knowing how to blow hot and cold by being close to a woman and not talking about rain and good weather because you don’t know what to say. It is also to be able to establish a slight distance between the two of you that makes you stay prominent in her mind as she asks herself questions like “Do I really like him? “Is he playing with me?” Or “why does he act like that towards me?”

If you lead her to question herself in this way, then she is not insensitive to your actions. Therefore, you must follow after the period of flirting if you really want to put her hook on it. If you don’t want to go for an easy girl, I bet learning these few seductive tips would not be an issue.


Tips to successfully flirt with a woman without being creepy

Flirting is a formidable weapon that nine out of ten women are bound to fall for. However, you have to be very careful when flirting with a woman least she gets the impression that you are taking advantage of her. To flirt with a woman, it is necessary to use seven seduction techniques that will have a considerable impact:


Know what she loves

Every woman loves to be loved, cherished and pampered. Knowing exactly what she likes will successfully facilitate seduction without appearing creepy.


Drop your ego

To be a pro flirt leave your ego at the door. Women love to see their men as humble. You have to let go of your masculine ego and pride around her. This singular act creates a positive image and personality of you in her head.



The practice of flirting is to first use your humor to dramatize your meeting. Show her your natural personality immediately. Do not be fixed on your selection criteria by taking notes of her snobbish attitudes, this is expected of a chaste woman. Seduce her with humor.


Avoid speedy dating

There is no need for speed dating, take your time to keep her craving for you. Let go of the urge to rush it. Instead, take full advantage of the moment and your ability to seduce her without asking for a date.



Body language plays an essential role. I’ll be honest with you; there is first a physical attraction to the woman you are going to flirt with. Before you know, you have her in the eye but not for your conversation. If you work together, for example, nothing prevents you from giving her a little wink when she looks at you from her office, pass in front of her smiling so that she does not take her eyes off.



The flirtation can also be done during discussions. Get closer to her at every opportunity and put her in a discussion. Don’t hesitate to please her. The goal is to seduce her and not only to talk to her. You can marry talking with her with the art of touching.



To promote light contact, tell her that her shirt fits her well while quickly putting your hand on her shoulder to pretend to touch the fabric for example. If she has a jewel on her wrist or a chain around her neck, pretend to play with her saying that it suits her well.

By combining these seven different elements, you will take control of the seduction phase and be the one that attracts the women of your choice.


How to know when she considers Your flirting as creepy

Unfortunately, women often see men who flirt with them as womanizers. They have this common belief that you are definitely doing so with other women. When they get this feeling, you start to irritate them. However, they would wait patiently for confirmation to this thought. You will know when she starts to see you as creepy or irritating.

  • She will display annoyingly snobbish attitudes very often.
  • Your lady will always expect extra care than usual.
  • She would become excessively demanding.
  • A women might start to nag and complain about almost everything.

All these are purposeful actions meant to frustrate you. However, they can be avoided by carefully following the tips to successful flirting. You will be amazed at how great she would crave for your attention if these tips are appropriately applied.


What happens next after flirting?

Flirting does not have to be an end. Indeed, the goal is not to attract her then, step back and not spend more time with her. You want to get closer to her with the hope of a healthy and happy relationship. Flirting only takes the first step in bringing you closer to your desires. If she does not crack and open up to you after your flirty approach, worry less. This could either be because she has doubts about your feelings or because she is afraid to make the first move. She might just be the shy type.


Embracing your flirting

If she does not embrace you or if she does not commit that does not mean that she does not expect anything from you, but maybe she wants to be sure that the attraction is reciprocal and that you can go free and not be afraid of her reaction.

On the other hand, it is important not to engage fully from the beginning of the relationship. This is the mistake of many men who put much pressure in the first weeks of a relationship, but the flirtation must continue for several months to promote the appearance of feelings.

To apply the right strategy, I advocate reading the flirting tip over again to enable you to grasp the keys to know how to attract a woman and get her involved in you. The more you succeed in putting yourself in her thoughts, the better your chances of getting her over. Go get em’ big flirt!


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