10 Things To Avoid When You Meet For Sex

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Couple Kissing Before Sex
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Sexual activity can range from a simple touch of tenderness (holding hands) to penetration, through hugs, caresses or passionate kisses. It can also be a sexual activity that you practice alone, such as masturbation or any other feel that gives you sexual pleasure. There can be many pitfalls when you want to meet for sex.

Although enjoyable, sexual activities also have a dangerous side. It is, therefore, a good idea to think about the risks related to sexuality, as well as the events with which you are comfortable or not at all comfortable. Take the time to think about what you are ready to do. These are your choices. If the idea of having intimate sexual relationships with another person does not tell you anything yet, listen to your feelings.

The first thing you must remember is that no one is perfect; however, it is essential that you look for a way to be prepared not to break the charm when having sex with your partner.


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Here we give you ten tips to avoid “mistakes” that could turn that special moment into a torture when you meet up for sex.


1. Don’t be scared or intimidated

Sex is a natural activity, open yourself to the experience what he proposes, only then you will know if you like it or not, don’t be shy or be unnecessarily rigid, sex is meant to be fun make sure you enjoy it. Take your time to explore each other; there is a lot you can learn about a person from just a single sexual encounter.


2. Never fall Into a routine

Do not establish an agenda to have relationships with your partner: set the room (with candles and music), suggestive lingerie or a sex toy. If you are going to meet up for sex let it be that don’t go around beating around the bush. You both are trying to meet up for sex, the primary goal should be to get each other comfortable enough to be completely free, talk dirty express your physical desires for your partner don’t start quoting poetry or singing love songs.


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3. Never make a comparison to your ex

When you are going to meet for sex comparisons about your physique should not be a topic of conversation while making love. Never discuss your partner’s physical outlook with anyone, ladies do not tell him he is smaller or bigger than anyone especially someone you have had sex within the past or someone that he knows, fellas, no matter what, do not compare her body or any action she performs with you to something you once had with someone.


4. Don’t be too passive

Although many men like to carry the voice of command, not all are like that; others want to know that they are copulating with a living being. Taking the initiative or showing your excitement will motivate you even more.

Communication during sex is essential most women already know that men like to hear them moan, but do you know that most men also love it when you tell them what to do and how whatever their doing makes them feel, don’t be shy, communicate with your partner and reap the benefits.

This goes both ways as women also love to get feedback from men during sex, she wants to hear how good she is, do not hesitate to tell her. Women also like to listen to men moan so don’t be shy, else you may kill the sense of adventure that comes from meeting up for sex.


5. Avoid feeling pressure

He, like you, is a human being and not a comforter who will always be ready to satisfy your desires. It is common for this to happen to men, more if they feel pressured; Take into account that your refractory period is more extended than that of women. If you are in your menstrual cycle tell him, you may feel uncomfortable doing it in those circumstances.


6. Do not lose your head

When it comes to having sex, the problems of work, family, and debts should be left aside. Do not obsess to reach orgasm with him, it is normal that the two have different times; but do not pretend about it, because he could realize and be disappointed in you.

In other to truly enjoy sex you must remove all secondary thought from your mind, at that time your partner whom you are with should be the only person on your mind and the very moment you are with him should be the only thing on your mind. Also, do not feel pressured about ensuring your partner reaches orgasm instead of free yourself and allow enjoy the moment you and your partner will find orgasm at your own time.


7. Running out after sex

As in life outside the sheets, as a good guest, you should stay a little longer, enough to let your partner know that you have had a good time. But, this is to say that you shouldn’t overstay your welcome, do not stay too long, it is not right to abuse hospitality.


8. Do not complain, focus on the moment

Concentrate on the moment you are spending together, at that moment that will make you forget everything. After sex, do not go like crazy to pick up the clothes on the floor or clean up what got dirty, because all the magic will be lost. Just linger a bit more at the moment. Also, do not go right from having sex to bringing up topics like where you both are headed for or ask questions about how to define your relationship.

Leave all serious talks for when you are fully clothed and out of bed.


9. Shower before sex

There is no excuse that can justify you not having a shower before you meet up for sex. Both partners are to present each other looking clean and smelling nice. There is extra confidence from being 100% clean during sex. Also, take out time to groom yourself and trim excess hair around your privates.

It also goes without saying that on days like this it is always imperative that you are putting on clean underwear, ladies should free to showcase their sexy and put lingerie that helps that purpose.


10. Communicate more often

Communication is paramount in any relationship. If you have a problem or do not like something she does, it is best to talk about it and find a way to make sexual relations more pleasurable for both of you. You should encourage her and guide her as she attempts to please you, the same goes for the woman don’t be afraid to tell how best to please you.


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