12 Fun Fetishes You Can Try With Your Fuck Buddy

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You want to have some fun in the bedroom, right?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience incredible adventures with your fuck buddy. Of course, enjoying great sex by trying these fun fetishes is one of the consequences. But that’s not the only benefit.

Think about how trying these kinks will change your relationship with this girl. And yeah, I know. You are not in a serious monogamous relationship. But who cares? The only thing that matters is that this woman respects you, admires you, and that she’s crazy for you.

I promise that trying following fetishes will make her addicted to you and more loyal than other men’s wives. And loyalty is extremely important because you don’t want to lose your fuck buddy after the third marathon session in bed.

Trying these fun fetishes will make all the difference…


1. Try the Teacher and Student Fetish

This is a very popular fetish and I absolutely love it when my fuck buddy calls me teacher or her professor. This role play is even more fun if you buy a sexy student uniform for her that she can wear whenever you grade her oral abilities.

If your fuck buddy is a submissive girl who enjoys a dominant man who takes her in bed and who punishes her when she’s naughty girl…well…then she will love being your obedient student.


2. Try the Dominance and Submission Fetish

Why do you think 50 Shades of Grey was such a success? No, it has absolutely nothing to do with the new Audi R8. It was such a huge success because women are naturally attracted to dominant men. And Christian Grey is the epitome of dominance.

You might hate the movie because it’s boring (at least in my opinion) but women absolutely love it. Believe it or not but women all over the world masturbate to the image of a dominant man who takes them and makes them submit.


3. Try the Bondage Fetish

Have you ever played with ropes? This is one of the fun fetishes that I share with you in this article that’s both exciting and a bit dangerous. Be careful that you stay away from sensitive areas (such as her throat). You don’t want to call the ambulance, just because your bondage play got a bit too intense.

Focus on her legs and on her arms and play around with it. You can also use this fetish in combination with a hostage role play. Be creative and enjoy your sex life.


4. Try the Ass Spanking Fetish

She was a really bad girl and she wants you to punish her. You’d be surprised to find out how many women enjoy this. Or maybe that’s just me. I was shocked when I discovered that almost every girl that I ever dated wanted me to spank her.

Of course, you should ask your fuck buddy if she enjoys this before you spank her. And be careful. Some girls like a soft spanking and others want it really hard. I mean, there are girls who only consider it spanking if their ass cheeks are red like two beautiful tomatoes.

Make sure that you talk about how hard she wants it. You want your fuck buddy to enjoy the spanking. You don’t want her to run away afterwards.


5. Try the Freeuse Fetish

The idea behind the freeuse fetish is pretty simple. You can use the woman you are with as your object of desire whenever you want. She’s always willing. Of course, you should talk about this before you consider her freeuse. Explicit consent is required.

What makes freeuse so special is that everyone instinctively knows that this is one of the most prevalent fetishes of men. But only a few people realize that a lot of women actually enjoy this.

I used to date a girl who wanted me to take her whenever I wanted. She was totally into it. Your fuck buddy might be too.


6. Try the Nudism Fetish

This fun fetish is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is walk around naked. Pretend as if you were living in a nudist resort. You can combine this fetish with the freeuse fetish that I just shared with you.

And if you want to take the nudism fetish to the next level, you can invite your fuck buddy on an adventurous trip to a nudist resort. You’ll have a lot of fun.


7. Try the Breeding Fetish

This is a risky fetish, and I mean really risky. In case your fuck buddy has a breeding fetish, you absolutely have to make sure that she only gets turned on by the idea of getting pregnant and that she doesn’t actually want to get pregnant.

You wouldn’t be the first guy who gets scammed into paying child support for the next 18 years. Make sure that she’s on the pill or use other reliable birth control. But if she has this fetish, she’ll want you to come inside of her.

Only you can decide if you want to take this risk.


8. Try the Voyeurism Fetish

There are two components to the voyeurism fetish. You either enjoy watching other people getting naked and having sex. Or you love it when other people watch you get naked and have sex. But hey, maybe you enjoy both variations. That’s also fine.

The easiest way to experience this fun fetish with your fuck buddy is to take her to a Swinger’s Club. Don’t be shy. Just give it a shot. You might like it.


9. Try the Lingerie Fetish

The Lingerie Fetish doesn’t need any further explanation. She presents herself in sexy lingerie and you get turned on by it. She, on the other hand, feels sexy and confident because of the lingerie she’s wearing.

There’s also another form of this kink which can be described as costume fetish. You can for example buy her a maid costume, or a nurse costume and experiment with different role plays.


10. Try the Orgasm Control Fetish

The idea of Orgasm Control is to stay in a state of arousal for a long time. You’re basically right before the explosion, but you are not allowed to come. It’s a power play and some people enjoy having this power.

You can stop right before she’s about to come. But to be honest, it’s mostly practiced the other way around because making a man come is so much easier. Maybe you want to give her the power over your orgasm.


11. Try the Group Sex Fetish

This is one of the fun fetishes that I only recommend if you are both into it and if you always wear a condom. You don’t want to catch a nasty STD and you for sure don’t want to be in the position where your fuck buddy bangs another dude and you hate her for it.

But if you have an open relationship and you both always wanted to experience group sex…hey…why not?


12. Try the Punishment Fetish

The punishment fetish is closely related to the spanking fetish. But this time you can be way more creative when it comes to the punishment. You have so many different options and if she enjoys submitting to you, she might be into it.

Make sure that you discuss the type of punishment you want to use. Once she gives her consent, you can enjoy this and all the other fun fetishes that I shared with you in this article.

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