Fake It Till You Make It: How To Be Confident With Women

Jim Wade Author

man confident with woman
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Women are generally attracted to handsome men. Gaining confidence with a woman requires you to be attractive. Interestingly, you can fake this special charm until you get it. In addition to the sexual attraction, you need flirting to attain confidence with a woman so that she gets involved with you at about the same time you with her.

Gaining trust is a particularly crucial factor in interpersonal adult relationships and fuck dates aside from your charm and flirtation. Would you like to know more about how best to connect with women, build trust, flirt with then, date them, and have sex with them? Then, apply these detailed tips to conquer her.


Here are some simple steps that would help boost your confidence with women:

You can easily build your confidence with every woman. All you have to do is to fake these simple habits till it becomes part of you. These attitudes will help you a lot with flirting with women and building confidence around women, the formula is:

Faking habits + create sexual tension = women conquer


Understanding women

Taping proverbs are never the ideal approach as they only scratch the surface, instead of being cunning; take out time to understand them as women are typically confused and need some guidance. Know her likes and dislikes, and try to understand her insecurities fast (they all have them). It is important to give a woman what she longs for, and to make her feel secure about herself. If you learn how to read them like a book, you can steer them in the direction of your bedroom. Think about things that concern her, things that are close to her heart, and things that bother her. You can use these tactics to leverage her emotions.


Study women

Study them carefully. The best way to understand women is to listen carefully to her talk, and what she is saying. Women love talking, so just let her give you all the clues you need to seduce her in the future. It is also advisable that you not only listen to what she says but also think about why she acts the way she does. Maybe she has a special need in her life that is not fulfilled, could be sex, could be love, or advice, the trick is to tap into that by listening to her. First, make sure you find out her sexual needs, then you can fill in the gaps one she has armed you with what you need to know. You have to create a picture of her in your head that shows that you are the one who can help her to fulfill her needs. Do not lie to them, be honest, be open and show interest in solving their problems and needs. Most women just want to be understood, so take some mental notes.


Build trust with the right posture

In every love or the hookup quest, trust is a crucial factor. If she doesn’t trust you, then she can’t sleep with you or date you. Interestingly, the right postures and gestures can help you attain a certain trust level in a hurry. Body language is a significant point.


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Play the woman! When she sits down, you sit down as well but make sure to assert your leadership role by guiding the course of the night. The exciting thing is, scientists have found that by synchronizing in the course of a flirt, sympathy automatically arises. don’t confuse this with following her, she needs a leader in her life. But try to mimic her body language in order to build the necessary trust to attain her, and eventually sleep with her.

Here you can anticipate the whole thing. You can mirror a person and only then create sympathy. That is, sit down and take the lead slowly. If you talk and she changes her attitude, then you adjust yours accordingly, after a short time.

Change your posture, and you will be amazed. After a while, she will follow you and take the same attitude as you. Women as always looking to follow the alpha lead. Women also love to cuddle. If you get these gestures right, she will always support you for warmth, and this is when you can begin to escalate sexual touch and pleasure. Remember, this is a strategy for conquering her vagina, not a quick fuck.


Improve your speech patterns to build trust

We, humans, want to be understood, which is important to all of us. When we speak, it is usually much more important to us that our counterpart understands it. So show understanding for what she says, women love talking about themselves. Use your language, and try to figure out her angle, this what you can control the conversation by listening. Try to speak in similar language patterns to ensure full understanding.

Effective communication also comes to play here as she is looking for someone to fill her need to vent about her problems. Make talking to her your topmost priority, but don’t just agree with everything she says. Try to challenge her by asking deeper questions about her problems, and let her solve them on her own rather than proposing solutions (unless she asks for advice) . Whenever you are not with her, shoot her a text to see how her problem is going, this will let her know you are listening, and she will feel safe knowing you have her back.


Shared more of your time with her

Conquering women the right way takes time, we are not talking about a random hookup here.  Don’t just try to fuck her on the fist few encounters. Trust arises automatically, by spending a lot of time together. She realizes that she can rely on you, she can trust you, and eventually, you will have sex with her. It’s important that you don’t act like a pushover during this process, as you still need to assert your dominance as a man.  She realizes that you are there for her and listens to her, but you are not just another dude, you are here to solve problems and protect her.

However, be careful about this. Spending too much time together and only trusting alone can lead you to fall in the friend zone. Trust alone will not help you, because the attraction must be present. If this does not happen early, then you land very quickly in the friendship zone, and in the end, both of you may be a lovely, idealistic couple, but which has no sexual basis. You need to build sexual tension and escalate early, but never too early as this could also ruin your chances of having sex with her.


Open yourself and entrust yourself

This is perhaps the most critical point that has the most impact if you want to gain confidence. Trust is the only thing that increases by giving away. Open it and show the lady your vulnerable side. Trust in it and tell of things that are moving you. Trust her, too, with your fears. Be careful, don’t be a little bitch, just share a few things that will make her relate and see your sensitive side. Once she realizes you are honest about your feelings, she will want to take a hold of your dick in no time.

You would be amazed at the outcome of entrusting your weakness to a female, just be confident about how your share your weakness (never cry or act . over-emotional, this is simply a trust strategy).  The only effect to this is that you, as a man, have to embrace sufficient strength; the strength to tell her about it and to open up emotionally, entrusting her is generally positive.


Confidence can also be express through trifles

For example, if you sit in a restaurant and you go to the bathroom for a moment, you can leave smaller things of higher value on the table, like your cell phone or wallet. These are gestures of trust that you will get back multiple times. Even small gifts, such as chocolate or flowers are great for women and bring a confidence bonus right at the beginning of your first date.

Take these steps and make a mental note, and put them in practice when you have the chance. They help you to build trust and confidence. Work on the courage and do not abuse it, because this only ends in disappointment. If you do it right as described here, you will surely have a pleasant and enjoyable time with her and conquer her vagina. She will in no time trust you and will give you what you want.


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