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Texting To Sex Tonight

3 Techniques To Get From Texting To Sex

By Jim Wade / February 11, 2019

So you found someone to text on a fuck app or website and now you wan to have sex. Imagine you meet a girl. You made a good connection and you both exchanged numbers. That’s a step in the right direction. One hurdle has been jumped over, but there is still the obstacle of maintaining…

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man confident with woman

Fake It Till You Make It: How To Be Confident With Women

By Jim Wade / January 29, 2019

Women are generally attracted to handsome men. Gaining confidence with a woman requires you to be attractive. Interestingly, you can fake this special charm until you get it. In addition to the sexual attraction, you need flirting to attain confidence with a woman so that she gets involved with you at about the same time…

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Couple Kissing Before Sex

10 Things To Avoid When You Meet For Sex

By Jim Wade / January 21, 2019

Sexual activity can range from a simple touch of tenderness (holding hands) to penetration, through hugs, caresses or passionate kisses. It can also be a sexual activity that you practice alone, such as masturbation or any other feel that gives you sexual pleasure. There can be many pitfalls when you want to meet for sex.…

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Friend With Benefits Relationship

Proven Reasons You Should Have A Friends With Benefits

By Jim Wade / January 4, 2019

In the real world, friendship, love, and sex don’t always share the same bed unless you get caught up in the friend zone. Friends with benefits is a straightforward deal that offers a good opportunity to have sex with someone you care about without commitment or emotional drama. But no matter what you call the…

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Local Fuck Buddy

5 Shocking Places Find A Hookup

By Jim Wade / June 9, 2018

Are you wondering where to find the best, hottest hookup places? You’re not the only one! Millions of horny people want to get laid fast and easy, without the pressure of relationships or dating. And these days, it’s easier than ever to find someone to hookup with! Back in the day, you had to meet…

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site to fuck

5 Steps To Finding A Local Fuck Friend For Casual Sex

By Jim Wade / August 11, 2017

The best thing about having a fuck friend A fuck friend is someone who can understand your business schedule and doesn’t pressure you to meet the relationship requirement. When you have the right fuck buddy in your life will benefit in many ways, and you will actually improve many variables in your daily routine and…

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Here Is How You Can Tell She Wants To Hookup With You

By Jim Wade / June 27, 2017

So you found a hookup friend on and now you want to know about the signs she wants to hook up and secrets that make women tickle— what seduces them, which seduces them, how can we attract them? Although women contain many puzzles and riddles, they are definitely one of the best things in a…

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Girl in lingerie bent over on bed

Easy Way To Find A Local Hook Up Girl

By Jim Wade / June 25, 2017

Easy Way To Find A Local Hook Up Girl Itching for an easy way to hook up women quickly? If you’ve never tried it before (and you do not know-how, and you think you cannot do it), why not start looking for girls It’s a clear way of getting trust and being cooler around…

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