Here’s How To Find And Keep A Fuck Buddy

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Easy Steps on How to find and keep a fuck buddy

Getting a fuck buddy is no rocket science. Sadly, most people find it difficult to get laid because they have not mastered the art of seduction. In this expository piece, you would learn how to get and keep, not just one, but multiple fuck buddies as you desired. 

Stay tuned!


Getting a sex buddy for keeps 

Most guys are not getting laid regularly, and this is because they don’t understand how to get a fuck buddy. They either don’t know how to meet and seduce a girl, or they don’t know how to convert a single sexual encounter into multiple ones. If they do manage to have sex multiple times, they don’t know how to steer the relationship into a fuck buddy one.

If everything has gone right and you have managed to secure consistent regular sex, there is still the issue of keeping that relationship alive. What can ruin that relationship? What can help maintain it? No one fuck buddy manual has all the answers to this question. Humans have created manuals for high powered engines. Still, we remain uncertain about how to get and maintain a sex partner.

This article will serve as a simplified manual to answer the questions above. But first…


Who is a fuck buddy?

A fuck buddy is a person to have sex with that doesn’t involve any non-sexual time commitment, exclusivity, or marital expectations. This person won’t ask if they are pretty or why you don’t go out with them more often. A fuck buddy isn’t the most important person in your life, and you aren’t the most important person in theirs.

The arrangement is to fulfill each other’s sexual needs, and that is it. Nothing more! It’s easy to cross the line here as human nature is highly emotional. 

Most times, we use emotions to get sex. Even when it starts off as a no-commitment engagement. It’s easier for one of the partners to fall in love as the law of attraction kick in to ruin everything. However, what makes you a badass fuckster is knowing how to keep these relationships in check without crossing the line.

If you already have that skill, then keep reading to find out how to sharpen it. If you don’t have the skills, here is the right place to grab it. Keep reading to unveil more.


What you should know before finding a fuck buddy relationship

To find someone to casually fuck regularly, you must be confident. You need to ooze confidence, move with confidence, speak with confidence, and, most importantly: ​fuck with confidence. ​ An excellent way to develop an improved sense of confidence is to work on your leadership qualities. You can take the quiz below to see if you have the confidence of a leader.

Why is confidence so important? All it takes is one moment of hesitation, an inability to make solid eye contact, or crackle in your voice to absolutely ruin your chances of getting that fuck buddy.

Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY wants to fuck someone who is insecure and is intimidated by others.

So, you don’t have issues with confidence, what else should you know before embarking on your fuck friend journey?

Realize this is a numbers game. Baseball players don’t hit every ball, and basketball players don’t make every shot. Nobody converts every girl they talk to into a regular sex partner. Rejection will happen, but don’t let this stop you.

At the very least, when you are playing the numbers game, ​try to get as many phone numbers, and Instagram accounts as you can. Once you have a way to get in touch with people, let’s call them “your leads,” use these strategies to turn texting into sex.

Remember to always be trying new leads, ideas, plans, and avenues. I know that talking to women can be intimidating, even for the most confident men. Still, you must overcome this fear. ​You must always be ahead of the game. ​ If you don’t, you will struggle to fulfill your sexual needs.

Now, when you meet someone, make sure they know you are only looking to get laid and not get into a relationship. This is something that needs to be established early on, or you risk getting caught in the ​friend zone​, which is something you can’t afford to do at any point. Some men will invest years in a girl and never progressively move towards having sex.

This right there separates fuckster from sucksters. It takes a lot of skill to successfully convert a sex partner without getting her to fall in love with you. Rich folks use their money as the bait. It works like magic. But real fucksters can be rich but not bait women with money.

All it takes to get laid is confidence and appearance. Look good, smell good with a nice haircut. It’s a fast way to get attention. From here, your confidence takes over. Once you can get your act together. You will find out that it’s easier to get laid even without flaunting cash. 


 Where to find a casual sex partner

The funny truth is that they are thousands of people looking to get laid. More women are out there looking for sex partners. Some are open about their desires, while some would want men to talk them into it.

If you are looking to go the internet route, below is a list of places to begin your search.


RECOMMENDED: ​ ​Top 10 fuck apps to find a hookup buddy in 2021


 If you are willing to venture out into the wild, here is what I recommend.

For the most part, you will find a fuck buddy at the same places you usually find sex. The most common stumbling block is found during the conversion process of a sexual encounter into a fuck buddy friendship.


There will be a dedicated section in this article about how to identify a person who will easily convert into casual sex. As for now, I’ll discuss common places to go for sex.


Here is a list of places to find consistent casual sex in the real world

College campus

College Campuses are full of women ready to sexually experiment. If you are of college-age, then you should be taking full advantage of all the fuck buddy potential. Young people are always looking to explore their sexual fantasies. With the right words, you can get enough sex buddies in college. 

Social events​ ​with friends

group of people at a party cheersing

This includes housewarming parties, weddings, or birthday parties. As a rule of thumb, the more social events you go to, the more likely you are to find a sexual encounter. In every party, people are looking to hookup and get laid. You have to position yourself to find the right partner. Go to parties with plenty of the opposite sex. Here your chances of finding a fuck buddy are higher, and it’s easier to land one in every three contacts.

Bookstore or a coffee shop

​People tend to spend hours in the same spot for a while, and it’s quiet. I once saw a girl drawing Starbucks. I walked over and asked what she was drawing. A conversation ensued. I got her number. Within a few days, she was added to my sex roster. You may not be lucky every day. However, bored conserved ladies hang out in the bookstore looking for men brave enough to lift them out of boredom. You can get lucky in the coffee shop too.

A place involving a mutual hobby


​If you like to rock climb, then meet a girl at the rock-climbing gym. If you swing dance, then find a way to swing a girl into your bedroom. Women like to see a man do something that he is good at. So, the more talented you are at this hobby, the better your chances are of getting laid regularly. With your talent, you can get laid to worship your footprints. That’s the reason why girls can’t get enough music stars. Search for your talent and use it to your advantage.


 Bars or nightclubs

​This is mostly for one-night stands, but it’s still possible to extend that drunken mistake into a few more sloppy booty call sessions. With that said, this place usually requires a lot of cold approaches. As stated above, you must play the numbers game if this is where you decide to look. For most people, expect to play more numbers and get fewer results. But yes, you will get results if your game is A-rated.


Roommates and friends

Girl that wants to fuck

​This is a low percentage one, but I’ve had success with this in the past. In my mid-twenties, I lived in a big house. A room became open, and none of my friends were looking for a place at that time. So, I posted the available room online. I had a cute blonde girl come take a look at it. She had recently moved from Texas for a career change. Eventually, our living situation turned into the best hookup buddy arrangement I’ve ever had. She didn’t mind if I brought other girls home. When we both moved out, we went our separate ways. End of story. It was perfect!


How to identify a woman who wants a fuck buddy

Let’s face it, not every girl you get with will convert into a steady sexual partner. Unfortunately, a few will disappear or flake on you.

It’s important to know that some women can be converted more easily. This happens when they also have a genuine desire to want to be friends with benefits. The key is to figure out how to identify them.

With this key, you can unlock thousands of sexual opportunities and have ladies worship you. 


Here are some common traits to help identify a woman that is looking for a fuck buddy

You must understand that not all women are looking for a fuck buddy, some would prefer to wait for Mr. Right to walk into their world. Here is a list of common traits women show to help you identify they might be looking for a fuck buddy friendship.


A girl with minimal time to cultivate a relationship

This girl possibly has a stressful and time-consuming career. She wants sex as a form of stress relief but doesn’t want to spend time in a committed relationship to obtain it.


An older woman that is recently divorced

​Her marriage could have lacked sexual attraction and stimulation for months or years. She wants someone to fuck but is too traumatized to begin another serious relationship.


A girl transitioning into a new stage in life

An example of this is a college girl who is set to graduate in six months. She doesn’t want to settle down because she doesn’t want a relationship to affect her upcoming direction in life.


Girls that have a friend who is in a hookup relationship

​It’s no secret that friends have extraordinary influence over us. If we see a friend happy over some external aspect of their life, we want to experience it too. This scenario is no different.


How to keep a fuck buddy

Once you get someone who wants to have sex with you regularly, it’s still possible to lose them before maximizing your sexual ROI. Written below are some crucial elements to keep in mind to avoid losing your fuck buddy status.


Don’t be needy after you have sex

​It’s easy to think that you can message them shortly afterward to schedule another date. This is not advisable. In most instances, it’s best to wait a few days. Give her a chance to text you first. Allow her to be able to chase you at her own speed.

If she hasn’t contacted you in 7-10 days, then message her to meet up again. Depending on the girl, pre-arranged dates may be too serious. Make a judgment call to see whether a second meeting should be a spur of the moment invitation or not.


Give her amazing, mind-blowing sex

Consider your sexual performance as a try-out for a sports team or an audition for a lucrative porn film. I’ve personally heard women say that if the sex is mediocre on the first night, then the guy “doesn’t make the cut.” You want to make sure she cums. Be creative and sexually enticing with foreplay. Pretend that the fate of human existence relies on your ability to make this girl cum. If she’s a quality girl that you definitely want to see again, eat her out. Make her beg and plead for you to fuck her.


Avoid advertising boyfriend qualities

Avoid asking her how her day went or inviting her to meet your parents. Your fuck buddy should have little information to get emotionally attached to. If you are not talking about sex or having sex, exercise caution in what you say and do.


Summing it up

The tips above will turn you into a refined fuckster. All you need do is push up your confidence and get your games straight. You will fail at first few trails. But experience will make you better at the game. Good luck buddy!

  • Eric Kench says:

    Good advice. But keep in mind that there are alot of jealous peole out there who will do everything in their power to ruin it for you. Even get you into a fight with some moron who believes every lie that comes out of her mouth.

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