6 Easy Tips to Get Any Girl to Like You

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Get girl to like you
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We’ve all been in the challenging position of not knowing how to attract the girl you’re interested in, especially when you want to fuck single girls without looking too desperate or creepy. The good news is, it’s not all that complicated to raise your own level of attractiveness and find out if she likes you back. We’ve compiled a list of tips for how you might become more attractive to your crush. The best part is, not only will these tips boost your dating life, they will benefit multiple areas of your life. Attracting women to you is not just about being more fit, or dressing better, you also need to remember to develop better social skills if you want women to be more attracted to you.


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Follow these tips:


1. Be a good listener

This one might seem obvious but this simple advice is tried and true. Women definitely find good listeners more attractive. If you are interested in attracting a woman, the best thing to do is listen to what she says and actually remember it! Think about it– women are constantly talking to men who can’t even remember what they said five seconds ago; if you can engage in a real conversation with her and remember what she says, she’ll see that you care. If you can bring up an important detail that she previously talked about, in a different conversation, you’re going to win major points. Really, this is a win-win situation because the next time you’re trying to think of a gift or a date idea, you’ll know plenty of details on what she enjoys, which will make you stand out.


2. Be confident in who you are

Easier said than done, right? Of course, we would all like to be confident, but sometimes it can be a struggle. However, self-confidence is totally worth working on if you’re interested in getting a girl to like you. Developing self-confidence and high self-esteem are qualities that will instantly make you more attractive to women. Men who have high levels of confidence are often even-tempered and respectful– these are major turn-ons for women! One way to raise your own confidence can be as simple as taking care of your physical health by eating well and being active. Another great way to raise your confidence is to embrace a hobby that you enjoy whether it’s video games or playing the drums. Although this may seem like a daunting task, raising your confidence will not only attract more women but will be a huge benefit to your life in general.


3. Bond over a shared interest

One really awesome way to attract a woman is to find a common interest that you both share. This is where those listening skills come in handy! By engaging her in conversations and activities about something you both find interesting, she’ll see that you have some compatibility which will make you more attractive to her. By connecting on a common interest, you and your crush can begin to bond in a deeper way. Ideally, you can even turn a shared interest into a shared hobby down the road. Flirt with her and be funny, but make sure flirt without being creepy or annoying.


4. Ask her out

All of these tips are great, but you might be thinking these are all things that you would do in a platonic relationship as well. That’s why it’s important that you let her know that you are interested in her romantically so that she knows what type of relationship you would like to pursue with her. Being straight-forward and asking your crush out on a date is the best way to get her to like you if she is indeed interested in dating you. Asking someone out can definitely be nerve-wracking but working on your self-confidence will help with this. Remember, most women do not appreciate cat-calls or pick-up lines. The best way to ask her out is to strike up a conversation and simply ask if she would be interested in grabbing drinks or coffee in the near future. If she declines, the best reaction is always to respect her answer and drop the issue. Remember, rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t awesome! It just means this individual wasn’t interested– and that’s okay. On the other hand, if she says yes to your invitation, your bravery paid off, and you know she’s interested in something romantic.


5. Do an exciting activity together

If you’re looking to really get a girl to like you and deepen that bond, doing an activity that gets the heart pumping is an excellent idea. Studies have actually shown that adrenaline rushes are connected to sexual attraction. In addition to that, engaging in adrenaline-inducing activity allows the two of you to overcome a fear together which is sure to raise the level of attraction. Now, this doesn’t mean scaring your date! If you take her out on one of these exciting activities, make sure she is okay with it, otherwise, the whole idea could backfire. You could do something extreme like bungee jumping or indoor skydiving, but it can also be as simple as singing karaoke or roller skating. Another benefit to doing an exciting activity on a date is that it provides a focus and takes some of the social pressures off.


6. Take care of yourself

Last but not least, if you want to get a girl to like you, it’s important to show that you care about yourself. This means taking care of your hygiene, dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and investing in your health. Not only will these things make you more attractive, but they will also benefit other aspects of your life such as your career, friendships, and general happiness. The first step to attracting a girl is to make sure you are covering your basic hygiene needs as a man. Smelling clean and looking put together is of the utmost importance if you want to attract women. So, at the very least, make sure you’re flossing, wearing deodorant and showering daily!

These tips are a great way to get a girl to like you, but they are also a good way to become more attractive overall. If you work on these six tips, you’re sure to boost your dating life and be more successful in your romantic endeavors. Once you master the art of flirting and getting any women to like you, check out all the hookup apps you can use to get laid


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