5 Signs She Wants To Fuck You

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Girl that wants to fuck

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“Wait, what are you doing?” Dreaded words no one wants to hear. Maybe you read the signs wrong, but somewhere along the lines, you two ended up on different pages. Or maybe her signs were subtle and you didn’t want to read into things. Whatever the circumstance is, oftentimes people read situations entirely differently. Understanding someone’s love languages could keep things from getting lost in translation. So to avoid awkward mix-ups, missed signs, and mistaken cues, we have put together the definitive guide to knowing if she really wants to fuck you or if you’ve got it all wrong. Let the countdown begin!


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#5. She talks about sex… A lot

Women often think about sex as much as men do. They often don’t discuss their sex lives out loud and even then often not around men. If you’ve been dating someone for a little bit and she is talking about sex often and you still haven’t done the deed she’s probably ready to. A girl wants to feel wanted and if you know the dating has been going well and she talks about sex a lot, in a positive way, she is probably ready. If a girl talks about sex in a way where she has had some bad experiences you might want to pump the breaks and keep taking your time. 

If the girl is a coworker or a friend and still talks about sex positions a lot she may be interested but still proceed with caution. Talking about sex at work might be her way of passing the time and sex talk in the workplace can be an HR nightmare. If she seems to be talking about sex a lot and doesn’t seem to mind your flirty banter she may want to fuck you. Read on to make sure all the signs are there before you make an embarrassing mix-up. 


#4 She touches you

Touch is one of the main love languages for a reason. Touch can send many signals to a potential suitor but here are our main ways to tell if it’s intentional or not. If you have been dating for a little while and she can’t seem to keep her hands off of you she may be ready to fuck. If she finds an excuse to rub up against you or touch you whenever possible chances are she may be ready to take things further. Hand holding while dating does not mean she is ready to take things further but if her hands move further south things might be heating up. Of course, there are many touches that are accidental so make sure you are not reading into things more than you should. 

Touch can get a little trickier if you don’t know someone well and your relation is not romantic in nature. This does not mean she might not want things to get there. If you notice she goes out of her way to touch you, especially at work where that behavior is A-typical, she might want to fuck. To be sure her intentions of touching you were not accidental in nature try to see if she tries to touch you several times. Maybe she comes up and rubs your shoulders for a moment or grazes your arm when you’re next to each other. Make sure there have been several occasions before touching her back If you do touch her back, make sure to pay close attention to if that move is accepted or rejected. There are many sexual positions to get into if her love language is touch and things are ready to grow. Check them out here.


#3 She Invites you back to her place

If a date is going seemingly well a huge indication that she might want to get down to business is if she invites you back to her place. If on a date and at the end of the night she invites you to her place she is not ready for the night to end. Go along if that’s what you want as well. If the date is coming to an end and she hasn’t asked you to go back to her place feel free to ask her if she would like to go back to yours. This gives her the opportunity to opt into things that may be going further. If she declines to go back to your place, that’s okay. This does not automatically mean the date was bad or she won’t at some point. Everyone moves at their own pace and this should not be seen as an instant rejection. Be cool about it and chances are she will find that extremely attractive. Just remember to avoid making mistakes if you end up back at her place for sex. 


#2 She sends you racy photos

As corny as it might sound a picture is worth a thousand words. Sexting with images can be a hot way to spice up any kind of relationship and especially on that hasn’t gone to the home base yet. Sexting a photo of the parts you haven’t got to see or touch yet can be a fun way to tease what’s to come and get them to have sex with you. 

If you ask for a photo we have a few tips. Make sure the conversation was already heating up in the text. No girl wants the random “Send nudes.” The other tip: if she declines no worries. Don’t get upset. She might get to that point after things have gotten physical in real life. Making sure things are really hot in texting before asking for nudes will help her get in the mind frame. 

If she sends you nudes without even asking, even better. This is a great sign that she is comfortable with you and trusts you. Sending nudes is a very private thing so by sending them to you she is counting on you to be a trustworthy person and not share them around. 


#1 She tells you

The number one way to tell if a girl wants to fuck you is to ask! Sometimes people are coy about asking for what they want. Sometimes just facilitating the conversation is all it takes for someone to open up and say yes. There are many ways to ask someone you’re newly dating if they want to take things to the next level but there are also many ways to ask someone you don’t know. If you think you are picking up on a lot of the signals above from her the final move is to ask. 

If you two are newly dating and you suspect she wants to fuck you bring it up in a casual way. 

“Hey, things have been going well for us. The chemistry is definitely here, so I was wondering if you’d like to take things further.” If she’s ready, this conversation could help take it to the next level. If she isn’t this small conversation could be very meaningful. If you rush ahead and make a move and she didn’t want to fuck you things may get awkward and she might dump you right there. 

If she’s a casual acquaintance or someone you think might want to fuck but not want much more asking could still be really great. If she’s been giving you causal but flirty vibes she might be more open-minded to a casual hookup. By simply asking “How do you feel about no strings attached or casual hookups?” She can tell you if she wants to fuck or she’s not into you.



To wrap it all up if you’re getting all of the signs above chances are she is into you and ready for you to make her move. Remember the number one step is to ask her and be cool if she says no or changes her mind after saying yes. Hope this article was helpful. If you want to improve your dating game follow these quick tips to help you get more women. 


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