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The Best Places to Have Sex According to InstaFuckFriend

Where to have sex

You want to know about the best places to have sex or fuck someone new. You naughty bastard. Just kidding… I want you to be creative. I want you to be adventurous. And she wants it too. Who is she? She’s the beautiful girl that you will soon turn into your obedient fuck buddy…if you…

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How to Flirt With Your Fuck Buddy Over Text

Texting Fuck Friend

I want to congratulate you. You are reading this because you either already have a fuck buddy, or you want to find a fuck buddy. You definitely made (or will make) the right choice. There’s nothing more exciting than having a sexual adventure with a beautiful woman who does everything for you in the bedroom.…

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16 Signs You’re Catching Feelings for Your Hookup Buddy 

Catching Feelings

Congratulations, you’ve found a hookup buddy on Instafuckfriend! Now, before you go patting yourself on the back, you should ask yourself: am I catching feelings for this chick?    If you hesitated, the answer may unfortunately be yes. If there’s one thing that ruins a good fuck buddy situation, it’s those pesky romantic feelings.   If you…

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Does Fuckbook Work? Find Out if This Fuck Website is Right for You

FuckBook Review

Fuckbook is an exciting option for those of you looking to make a sexy, casual connection with someone online. This platform offers several naughty features for users to enjoy. Read on to learn more about Fuckbook, its features, and if it’s worth signing up.   Pros:  Free user sign-up  Clean interface  Great for fetishes  Diverse user base  Lots…

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Why Cheating on Your Spouse Can Be Good For Your Relationship

Cheating is good

So you fucked someone on instafuckfriend and now you want to know if it’s good? In today’s society, cheating is considered to be an inevitable part of human nature. This happens when boredom and curiosity get the best of our hearts – and our groins. While infidelity may sound like a betrayal, it also has…

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